Smile Gallery

This process started on 08-15-19. The first day I walked In the office my nerves were instantly calmed by the friendly team. I was well cared for every moment since. I grew up with a lot of cavities. My parents had cavities, my grandparents had false teeth. So it was always a struggle for me to go to the dentist. I had let my fear and anxiety get the best of me and finally decided I had to go in to fix the multitude of problems in my mouth. I had gone to Fargo to get a consult and they wanted to pull all my teeth and give me a whole new mouth at a price I wasn’t willing to pay, plus they wanted to send me to Montana on top of it! No thank you! I was referred by a friend who was very happy that she found Dr. Garr and his team, so I gave it a shot. I have been very pleased with the office, the team, the results, the cheers, the smiles, the hugs (before Covid )and the wonderful positive change it has made in me. I smile 😃 with my teeth now, I have confidence and am proud to show who I am. I didn’t know how I was going to pay for the work I needed done, but I prayed and God provided. It was a lesson in trust for me on a few levels. (Right Dr Garr?) It sure was a blessing to have this dental team in my corner. If you want top notch care and perfection – check them out. They listened to my needs, they put up with my “crunchy” ways and I almost forgot, I was all fixed up just in time for my 50th birthday and ready to smile so proud as I welcomed my first Granddaughter in 2020. Thank you team for all your support and tender care!
Kristi Anderson